Sunday, July 14, 2013

Playing the Game

I understand why some people keep ignoring the imaginary nature of The State- they don't want to be shut out and made to feel invisible.

When everyone is wringing their hands over what "government" is doing, you don't get listened to when you point out that you can't fix the problems by doing more of the same, but only by walking away from the silliness.

But that isn't the solution that people want to hear.  It's too "simplistic" and doesn't involve exciting things like running for office, writing "your" congressvermin, or throwing your support behind a "law".

But it IS the only thing that will ever succeed.

And please don't forget.


1 comment:

  1. Right on, Kent. I'm inclined to believe it's less the simplicity of the resolution, than it is a very strong desire not to be responsible for one's own life.

    The fact of such responsibility can be intimidating by itself, but when combined with being taught forever that one's life is not one's own to live, it can feel downright deadly.

    It's that intellectual con-job which has caused nearly everyone, and particularly the thugs who do the dirty work, to genuinely believe they're acting defensively. That's how they can snuff out guys like us and then go to breakfast and Church feeling as if they've done good. You see, to them there never were any individual lives to defend; there was only some conceptual mish-mosh called "society" and "the public good."

    The battle has ALWAYS been individualism versus collectivism.