Thursday, July 11, 2013

Speculative pondering

Would Nazi Germany have been better if the Germans had just elected "the right guy" to replace Hitler?  Or, was the guy at "the top" not the whole problem?

Would NSA America really be better today if "we" elected "the right guy" to replace Obama?  Or, is the guy at "the top" irrelevant?

The entire ship is rotten to the core.  Switching figureheads won't make a difference.  It will still fall apart and sink.

Are you prepared?


And don't forget.



  1. Kent,

    "It will still fall apart and sink."

    It won't. The reason why figureheads don't matter is because our beliefs run us. As long as belief in government runs strong, all that will happen is unfocused anger, patriotic vitriol, and the boring, downward spiral and grayness of poverty. Like North Korea, the pinnacle of government perfection.

    I believe in freedom. Maybe it's merely genetic. Like everyone else, I call my beliefs "reason." And I throw asparagus at anyone who believes in Government. As hard as I try to examine my beliefs, I can't get rid of them.


  2. I'm not sure why you don't consider the "downward spiral and grayness of poverty" to be falling apart and sinking, but many States have ceased to "exist", even in the minds of their most enthusiastic fans, over the course of history. No State can last forever- the post office's "Forever Stamps" notwithstanding.

    I have gotten rid of many beliefs over my lifetime. Even some that I thought "defined" me. When a belief doesn't hold up when exposed to reality, you can either ignore reality or believe the results of your new experience. I consider it dangerous to ignore reality. I'd be willing to bet you have shed more beliefs than you think.

  3. Precisely. The vehicle of the State is the destructive entity in the world and who is driving it at any time or in any place is a superfluous irrelevancy. If the most virtuous people available were placed in control of it, the end result would still be evil.