Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Writing about the room while pretending the elephant isn't stinking up the place

There are some facts that it is almost impossible to ignore when speaking honestly about the religion of Statism.  For example: that their imaginary god is supported by theft and coercion- and is, in fact, nothing but theft and coercion when you dig right to the root of the matter.

Well, and that it is imaginary.  There is nothing behind the priests and worshipers.

And those are the facts I am not allowed to mention in my CNJ columns, at least for the time being.  Which makes for a much more difficult task.

So, I am trying to go at it from a different angle, which is taking a lot more thinking energy, and a lot more time, for the same amount of pay.  Funny what that does to the ol' motivation.

But I'm taking it one column at a time, and seeing where it goes from here.  I hope you are tagging along.

And please don't forget.


  1. You're doing very well, Hawk. There is a term that is not in use, but I learned quite young: "Temper the north wind by the shorn lamb".

    It is not your responsibility that 90% (more or less) of adults are statists -- or that at least that percentage of children are in government propaganda mills called "public" schools. That is by plan and design.

    It is not your fault that the vast, vast majority of slaves are conditioned and brought up to love the slave master. Submission to state appears to be defined by the more modern term "Stockholm Syndrome" (definition provided by statists to make it appear that the syndrome only applies to those caught up by free-market captors).

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Yes, it IS challenging to tactfully describe the actions of obvious thieves and murderers when:
    1)Those thieves and murderers are adamantly worshipped by millions of people with unbending faith in their state religion.
    2)The media used to expose those thieves and murderers is owned and controlled by many of those SAME thieves and murderers and the people that WORSHIP those thieves and murderers.
    In a literary sense, you must tip toe around mass graves and vaults full of stolen booty,or you’ll become a victim yourself.