Saturday, August 10, 2013

Failure to communicate

It's easy to speak about liberty to those who understand the words- those who are, or are almost, in agreement.

It's harder to talk about liberty to statists who use similar words to mean opposite concepts.

I don't really like using words like "government", "laws", "patriot", or "America" when I write.  But those who need to hear about liberty the most have to read those words to even begin to understand where to begin- to have a starting point.  Or, at least I have come to believe that's the case.

That's why I try to link to what I mean when I use the words I use.  It doesn't help when someone is one of those who suffer from (or, perhaps enjoy) obstinate ignorance, but it's not my responsibility to fix them.

And please don't forget.


  1. I call it using the language of the land. As writers, in order to successfully communicate our message, sometimes we have to utilize terms that, while perhaps inaccurate, are those used and understood by the audience we're targeting.

  2. Very good way to look at it. Kind of like translating a text into a language that doesn't have words to exactly convey a concept that is alien to them.