Saturday, August 03, 2013

Kent's Top Ten List of Cat Names

#10 Fluffy der Litterslinger
#9 Rip Climbcurtain
#8 Whiskers Handbiter
#7 Sleepy Dotchaser
#6 Pukey McHackenbarf
#5 Thing Tut
#4 Fuzzy Lickbottom
#3 Claws McShredder
#2 Hissy Nosetickle

And the #1 cat name that I will never be permitted to give to one of my cats:
                  Spastic O'Speedbump

(Dogs, too)

And please don't forget.


  1. Our current cats:

    1) The Vicious Predator
    2) Uncle Ring Ding
    3) The Galvanick Lucipher (usually called Lucy)
    4) Chester
    5) Saddam Hussein (that's my name for him; my son insists that his name is Vox Flatuli).

  2. I once had a cat named Muammar. Never saw him- just noticed his food missing and the litter box full. He came from a family of monstrous kids and even after we got him out of that house he hid under our furniture and hissed at anyone who passed too close. So I gave him to a friend with a horse barn and he did so well he would ride on her shoulders while she tended the horses.

    I had a squirrel named Chester.

    My current cats are Boots and Butterscotch. I think my name list is an expression of my frustration over their bland names. LOL