Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Equivalencies, right and wrong

Here some equivalencies that a lot of people don't quite understand.

  • Government = mafia
  • "Patriots" = neighborhood residents that support the mafia and its acts
  • Military = mafia "protection"
  • Sniper = hitman
  • "Taxes" = protection money
  • Drones = UniBomber parcels
  • Land mines/IEDs = "Shotgun tied to the doorknob" booby trap
  • "Collateral damage" = murder
  • War = gangland fight for control that kills and destroys the innocent

And here are some of the reasons statists can't understand liberty.  They seem to be confused and believe:

  • "Freedom"/"Liberty" = permission to do what we allow you to do
  • "Hero" = "someone who did something we like- don't tell us the truth!"
  • "America"/"USA" = "Always right, never wrong, God's favorite, the only nation that matters- kill everyone else if they don't swear allegiance or anyone who looks at a US flag sideways!"
  • "Constitution" = The document that is Holy, and that makes it legal to kick "liberals" out of America, unless it doesn't authorize the feds to do something we want them to do, then... well, "It really does, but you just don't understand it like we do."


Town Bully

Suppose there was a bully in your town.  You knew he constantly assaulted people and stole from them.  You had even witnessed it yourself on several occasions.  Maybe you had even fallen victim to him a time or two.

But, then one day your kid fell down a well, and Bully helped you get her out.

Is that any reason to decide that Town Bully should become an honored role?

Because that is exactly what cops are.

Thinking of police as "necessary" is just as ridiculous as supporting the institution of Town Bully.

When real problems occur normal people can always handle it- because cops have no superpowers.  Their only "power" is an artificial one propped up by counterfeit "laws" that only hobble you by prohibiting you from doing the normal things humans have always done to protect life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for yourself and the people around you.

Cops are not "above" you; you have been "legally" enslaved to make it appear that cops are elevated.  Pushing everyone down to give cops "stature" makes society much worse off.

It's silly beyond words.