Thursday, February 21, 2013

Following orders is NOT honorable

There is no good in following orders.  None.

To pretend this personality defect is a sign of an "honorable person" is disgusting and dishonest.

Any idiot can manage to follow orders.  It takes a real human to evaluate those orders, and decide if they should be followed or ignored.  Or even to decide if the one giving the orders needs to be stopped in his tracks.

Cars follow orders.  You take certain actions that transmit orders that you wish the car to obey, and as long as the car is functional, and your orders do not exceed its operational parameters or the laws of physics, it does as you order it to do.  That doesn't make the car a hero.  It makes it a tool.

Humans should never allow themselves to become tools.  There should always be a gateway that filters the orders and asks if this order is right or wrong.  "If I do as ordered will I be harming innocent individuals or their property rights?"  If the answer is "yes", a hero refuses to comply.  A thug obeys even after seeing that the answer is "yes".  A tool obeys without even asking the question of himself, but only taking the word of those issuing the orders.

Don't let yourself be a tool.