Sunday, March 24, 2013

Don't forget yourself

What to DO?  I feel the need to do something "important" for my personal liberty.  I realize that the urge to "do something" is a dangerous thing.  It leads people astray.

I'd do better to focus on my life and the things I can immediately affect, rather than concerning myself with what goons calling themselves "government" are doing to someone over a thousand miles away.

But I can't help caring.  I like people- until certain individuals do things to make me dislike them.  If I didn't like people I wouldn't care if they were being violated- or even if they were destroying their own lives by being the violators.

But, still, if I don't focus on my own life, who will?  I am no one's responsibility but my own. I can't really affect the "laws" that the thugs who call themselves "government" impose- no matter how often I am told I can.  Every time in the distant past I tried, I eventually "lost" and the advocates of "more rules" won.  Yet, those rules only affect my life if I let them.  Sure, I might get kidnapped, robbed, and caged for violating some of the "rules", but that is always a possibility no matter what you do.  I'd rather deserve it.

So, I suppose I will keep "prepping" and learning skills, keep trying to sharpen my observational skills, keep meditating on liberty, and do the best I can in this world in which we exist.  If you have other ideas I'd love to hear them.