Monday, August 19, 2013

"It's a choice"?

Is libertarianism a choice?  Why would anyone choose to embrace peaceful anarchism after observing how the statists prosper?

I never chose to be an anarchist. I must have had some predisposition to it, at least.

It was just who I always was and there was nothing to "choose" about it. It was the natural progression of my "self" as I matured.

I often look at the statists* around me- including the members of my own immediate family- and wonder why I had to be different. They prosper and have no qualms about getting their "paychecks" through theft. Why would I have "chosen" to be an anarchist, seeing how being a statist is so much easier and economically more rewarding?  Why would I have chosen to be a pariah?
*Yes, I realize this means most of them probably did not choose to be statist.  However, once they see that statism can not be separated from initiation of force and theft, at that point they have no choice but to make a choice: Either continue to be aggressive thieves, or be decent people.  That's why, I suspect, so few of them allow themselves to see.

And please don't forget.