Sunday, September 08, 2013

Chocolate, the kitten

A while back I mentioned that I had taken in a new orphan.  Well, she has now made her Facebook debut.

Meet Chocolate- the (Formerly) Orphaned Kitten.  You can get her story by going to her Facebook page.  Or by asking questions in the comments below if you (understandably) avoid self-incrimination sites like Facebook.

This is one of the few times I will publicly talk about one of my orphans.  The goons of The State have a bad habit of killing the "wild orphans" and punishing their rescuers, so I won't endanger them by exposing them (or me) to the notice of the "authorities".  Fortunately I haven't yet heard of rescuers of domesticated animals getting brutalized for the crime of saving kittens or puppies.  Give 'em time...

I have discovered that even before I made this kitten public, she had damaged my reputation locally, with the few people who knew about the situation.  I wasn't aware I had a reputation, or that it could be damaged by showing my soft side, but life is what it is.