Sunday, October 27, 2013

Obama's personal corpse collection

Someone else in the house was just watching a program about a kid with a terrible condition (primordial dwarfism) which usually results in death.  One of the related problems is brain aneurysms which needs an MRI to diagnose, but she lives in Great Britain, with their socialized medical "care" that we are all supposed to be so envious of... and the government employees tasked with rationing medical services say she isn't eligible for an MRI because of her age.

So she'll probably die early because some bureaucrat - or a whole flock of them- is doing to health care in the UK what ObamaCare is plotting to do to health care in America.

And socialized medicine is SO wonderful.... "Free health care!"  "Shouldn't America provide health care like all the other First World countries do?"  "Why do you hate sick people who can't afford health care?"

The corpses will begin to pile up as soon as this "system" goes into effect.  Just as they have everywhere else that socialized heath "care" has been imposed.  Regardless of the lies told by the advocates of socialism.

Those deaths will be blood on the hands of every government employee who advocates this disaster, and on every congresscritter who just "went along" to appear to be "reasonable".  And on every opinionator who parrots the socialist, collectivist lies that make socialized "medicine" seem anything other than barbaric.

Maybe we should start referring to corpses as "ObamaSpawn".

Separation of science, especially medicine, and state!