Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shutdown shows little is “essential”

Shutdown shows little is “essential”

(My Clovis News Journal column for October 18, 2013)

What have you learned from the "government shut down"?

I've learned that I wouldn't have noticed it at all if I didn't see people commenting about it. Personally, I probably wouldn't notice or care if the federal government really shut down for good and took the state and local governments with it into the dustbin of history. I expect that if I did notice, it would be like noticing a cool, refreshing breeze bringing a spring shower, or the way you can suddenly realize a nagging headache has gone away.

This is because I know what government purports to provide, and I know the market can provide those things better, when they are needed at all. I am also prepared to do without those things that are unlikely to ever be replaced. I welcome liberty.

However, I realize I am not typical.

I also learned that those who control the federal government are very vindictive, and organized the "shut down" to precisely target those who actually still support them.

I learned that "essential" doesn't mean what politicians think it means. Isn't it funny that it seems to be only the non-essential government functions which hurt "the people" when taken away? If the IRS (apparently considered essential, judging by the fact they weren't included in the "shut down") went away no one but those employees and their families would even notice, much less be hurt.

Park rangers are "non-essential" according to those who orchestrated the "shut down", at least in their normal capacity. It seems odd to me that armed guards to keep people out of parks, and terrorize those evil vacationers who dare visit or take photos of their own National Park property without an official welcome, are apparently essential- even though that job didn't exist until the government "shut down". Isn't making up numerous new jobs the opposite of "shutting down"?

It seems the only people out of a job because of the "shut down" are those who will be missed by the most people. It's almost as if the administration intentionally decided to use Americans as pawns, and cause them the most possible pain, to coerce them into putting pressure on congress to negotiate with a terrorist... I mean, to give the president everything he wants.

To prevent this ever happening again I would suggest the best course of action is for everyone to choose a private sector job, but even that doesn't guarantee job security, as demonstrated by the recent closure of Portales' Sunland Peanuts. And government had nothing to do with that. Oh, wait...


Bill Buppert's latest

Read this: The President as Police Commissioner: Cops and Collectivism by Bill Buppert

Best quote... "There is no such thing as a good cop..."

Absolutely right.  As I recently saw someone say, there are no good cops- nice cops, but no good ones.

I sure do wish more people would see that fact.


What's worse than flying monkeys?

Cops.  Not only are they cowards and a lot of other pathetic things, but they are also "compliance monkeys".

If you don't comply with their often unreasonable (to the point of absurdity) demands- faster than is humanly possible- they will act with potentially lethal force.  This is not the behavior of reasonable people, but of sociopaths.

Most traffic "laws" have nothing to do with safety- but with compliance.  And with stealing money for The State, of course.  But that's just one example in a galaxy of "laws" and other bureaucratic nonsense.