Thursday, March 06, 2014

Liberty Lines- March 6, 2014

The headline in the State Line Tribune says "Texas primary election on tap". Wow! I never thought of it that way before, but I can't argue with the accuracy.

That particular tap is better left alone. Like beer, elections can be addictive and are apparently very intoxicating. When it comes to voting, those deepest into the keg look down upon those who stay sober, sometimes to the point of virulent hatred.

Maybe a careful vote here and there won't really hurt anyone, but each vote makes it easier to do the next time. You forget to only vote against new State power, which can possibly be excused, and end up voting for this or that new "law" or puppetician. For many people, moderation is impossible.

You make excuses about why you drink... I mean, vote so much, saying you need to. It makes you feel better or gives you a sense of importance.

You quickly develop a taste for it, and before you know it you are lying in the gutter with Democrapublicans, incoherently mumbling about "next time".

The current situation, which is what people often say they are voting against, is a result of people voting for those people and "laws" which they believe will control their neighbors, and their enemies, the way they'd prefer. How has that worked out? With everyone subject to innumerable violations of their Rightful Liberty, in every area imaginable, each and every day. The only "winners" are those who do the controlling or profit from the inevitable enforcement and bureaucratic leviathan.

As is often pointed out, it is insanity to keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

Why not try something different? Mind your own life and stop trying to find people and "laws" to control others on your behalf. You'll be amazed at how empowering and liberating that can be.


  1. Voting can achieve positive results. The two terms of Ronald Reagan had some positive achievements, including the end of the wasteful Revenue Sharing program, which was phased out. The 1994 off-year elections resulted in the 1995 Welfare Reform, which moved many people off of dependency to productive lives. While neither major party is all that strong on Liberty, it's obvious which of the two is the more destructive.

    1. In a lot of ways it can be more destructive and dangerous to have people believe you are on their side while still working against them. Reagan was just another Big Government Democrapublican. He said good things while doing bad things. You could take any presidency and point to positive things which happened during that time (whether or not the president had anything to do with it). It's better to be responsible for yourself rather than counting on voting yourself more liberty.

      If people put the same effort into freeing themselves and running their own lives that they do thinking, talking, promoting, and engaging in politics, America would be a land of true liberty instead of a festering police state. Sidetracking yourself with politics and voting is probably the least helpful thing you can possibly do for liberty.

      If, however, you simply enjoy the rigged game of "left vs right", then have fun.