Friday, March 07, 2014

Pardon me...

Next week I have to make a trip to The Big City for my daughter's doctor appointment. It's not anything too major, but they will be taking blood*, and it would be kinda nice if I had a few extra dollars to spend while there- she's not going to enjoy the appointment ( an understatement)
So, if anyone feels like tossing a small donation my way, it would be appreciated. As I say, this isn't a critical need or anything, so please don't feel bad if you ignore this message.


(* Trying to solve the mystery of her seemingly constant infections of one sort or another- the tentative diagnosis is an IgA deficiency.)


  1. I would donate but I am rather poor. However, what does your daughter eat. Sugar (which is in all processed foods) and grains (even the so-called healthy whole grains) are known to cause many immune system problems. Check out Mark's Daily Apple.

    1. I know she doesn't always eat what she should, but this (if they are right about the diagnosis) is a genetic disorder, so it probably isn't too dependent on her diet. I'm sure a better diet would probably minimize the trouble, though. At this point, it is hard to get her to eat much of anything that is even marginally "healthy". I don't suppose I can fault her too much- I know my diet wouldn't pass many experts' tests. I am hopeful this is just a phase and she'll start liking better foods soon.
      And, her mom has mentioned "always" being sick as a child, too.
      If I get sick, there's usually a good reason: being bitten by a diseased rat or something like that. ;)

  2. It's ALWAYS about diet, even with genetic disorders or uncontrolled attacks on the body. The principle is simple---there's nothing else there, upon which the body runs. The trick is figuring out how any particular body runs on any particular input. That happens to be where the modern health care industry is wholly inadequate---with rare exception, doctors treat illnesses and not patients. And as is no news to you, every individual is different.

    Plus, they don't know 1/10 of what they pretend to know. We're just not there yet, to understand the finer machinations of the body, either specific organs or the integration all together. The internet's got it all, but it's tremendous work picking apart what's important in a particular case and what's not. And there's a lot of BS out there, too.

    It can be done though, if the motivation is sufficient.