Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bullies galore, blind to their own evil

There's an inevitable wedge driven between me and most of the people around me because they think it's OK to beat me up to force me to do what they want- whether I am harming any innocent person with my behavior or not. I don't pretend it's alright to do the same to them.

Sure, few of them are willing to do it in person- they'd rather pretend it's "government" doing the beating, instead- in the name of enforcing Holy Laws.

But as long as they support that "government", and its counterfeit rules, they might as well be personally throwing the punches. In fact, I'd prefer that level of honesty to this self-deception they wallow in.

How about you?


1 comment:

  1. Absolutely!

    It would be a wonderful thing if people fully understood that it is not possible
    to delegate any power to 'government' that you as an individual don't already
    have. If 'you' the individual do not have the power to do a thing rightfully; then,
    neither can any one or any number of others; this, regardless of designations.

    Liberty - it's an individual thing