Sunday, April 27, 2014

"So, Kent, What did YOU do today?"

Well, now that you asked...

High winds (and blowing dirt and sand- see the color of the sky?) were terrible today, and took out the one tree on the property. The carport took a hit.

Had some family and neighbors come help, and the tree is cut up somewhat and now piled off to the side, and the carport is propped back up- more or less straight- with chains and whatnot. Mostly to keep it from falling into the house if it decides to topple.

No "official" contact of any sort- which I'm glad for. The tree was out in the street a bit for a while, as were some "support vehicles" as we worked.

My daughter missed an event due to the minor disaster, which happened not long before we were to leave, and was so upset over the property damage that she was throwing up.

Now, I am hopeful I can get some things repaired and the tree hauled away (it would be pretty much worthless for firewood- it's rotten Siberian elm) without spending much. Free would be good.

I hope your day was not so eventful.

Added: Here are a couple of pictures of what's left of the tree (along with my daughter hamming it up for the camera).



  1. Sounds like a full day a muscle stretcher for sure

    1. Yep. I have some sore muscles for sure- and I can't wait to see how I feel in the morning.

  2. Knowing how the wind blows in that part of the world, I'm amazed that ANY trees manage to stay standing.

    1. Yeah. I agree. Funny though, that across the street at the school they have a long line of trees that have been dead or dying for years- and they are still standing.
      Today it is almost as bad. I had to go on a little road trip- dodging tumbleweeds and pieces of tumbleweeds the whole way. And more blowing dirt. I'd want rain if it didn't seem that everyone getting rain is getting it with a side-order of tornadoes.