Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Bundy ranch situation

Do the Bundy's own the land they have been using? Not according to those thugs who claim they work for something they'll call "The State". Who does, then? Well, according to "The State", it does. Sure, they'll say "the taxpayers", but by that they mean they have the authority to control the land "on our behalf". Ha!

Governments aren't real like people are. They are a dangerous mental problem believed in by most people: a mental glitch in the synapses.

Governments can't "own" anything, since everything they (or their agents) possess was stolen or "bought" with stolen (or counterfeited) money.

A thief doesn't own the stolen property he possesses.

The cattle, on the other hand, are clearly owned by the Bundy's. And employees of that "government" are stealing them. And then using violence against people who are trying to not be stolen from. And attacking the people trying to defend the Bundy's from the violence and theft.

That makes the government employees the bad guys in this confrontation.

As they are in any situation they are a part of.

(see also: Who owns the Bundy Ranch?)



  1. Governments are not moral beings (as you said) and as such - governments don't have 'rights' as people do.

    The trouble with people leaning on government for things they should be taking care of themselves is that they become helpless supplicants.

    Whenever anybody who refuses that role stands up, it scares the sheep and - we gotta keep the shep peaceful and 'protected' from them evil 'stand up on your hind legs and spit in their eye' bad guys.

    Maybe one of these times, they will get the beating they deserve. I think it's more likely in Nevada than in 'Boston Strong' where they crouched behind their couches while the goons swarmed over them.


  2. Thank you. I had even considered joining those oath keepers, because they are organized and looking after each other. What can those of us who don't support any government do to get that organized and committed to protecting each other from folks like the BLM?

    1. I'd say the first step is to be a friend and make friends. Then, perhaps form (or join) a "mutual aid society" and step up to help when you are needed. Of course, it won't be convenient, but look how many people are missing work to watch the Bundys' backs.