Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An honest monument to government

So, Oklahoma's "Statehouse" is getting a new Satanic monument.

Seems redundant to me.

A "statehouse" is already a Satanic monument. So is a capitol building, a courthouse, a DMV office, or any other government building. Even a library or a zoo run by government is. And I love libraries and zoos.

But theft isn't ever the right thing to do. Not even if you really, really want something.

Now, I don't really know enough about Satanism to say whether it advocates theft or aggression- I am just playing off the common perceptions here to make a point. And I might be wrong about details of the religion. Government is something we all know advocates theft and aggression, so it may be the only actual evil here, in which case the Satanists should reconsider whether they really want to be associated with such a place.



  1. The kingdoms of this world (i.e. "government") are all under Satan's sway: Luke 4: 5 - 8
    It's just as well that they be honest enough to admit it for once.

    1. And the irony is that most all self-proclaimed "Christians" (in reality, Christo-fascists) are the biggest supporters of statism.

    2. (This is a comment to DM Mitchel's comment)

      Of course the fact this particular religious "controversy" centers around one of the monuments to the religion called "state" furthers the inconsistancy. In this case it concerns a protectorate/dogma named "Oklahoma". Because religion directs rulership, (and vice versa, rulership directs religion). The one is symbiotic to the other.

      It's almost funny to see another of the "controversies" labelled "separation-of-church-and-state".


      But for those social engineers who understand the tactic of "divide and conquer" it's a stroke of genius.


  2. The Christian dogma is that there is one god. That god is all-powerful and created the universe and everything in it. That god is present everywhere, you can't go someplace where god is not. And that god is all-knowing. Now, if we take the meaning of all-knowing to its logical extreme, that would mean the this god knows everything about the past, the present, and the future. That god supposedly created Satan and Satan is evil, ergo, that god knowingly created evil. To say that that god didn't know that Satan was going to rebel would be to say that that god is not all-knowing. That would then beg the question, what else is that god not? Further, the all-knowing god created humans knowing that they were flawed and would sin then it set up an eternal damnation and punishment center for them. Nice guy. Not exactly a loving, benevolent being. Finally, an all-knowing god would know, well ahead of time, like from the beginning of creation, who is going to heaven and who is not. No matter what you do on Earth, the Christian god, already knows who will be "saved". Therefore, you can do whatever you like here on Earth because you are either going to heaven or you are going to hell and you can't change it, you can't surprise god by switching at the last moment... according to the belief in an all-knowing creator god. But that's only if you think logically and leave the emotional baggage behind.