Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Anti-gun, pro-cop extremism

Recently, in a discussion about police and guns, the other person said

"Police are needed to corral the evil. Because it is out there. High school dropouts wielding deadly power (keeping and bearing arms)... not a good thing."

Well, there are certainly a lot of assumptions in that.

Police are not "needed"- not for anything. They can't "corral the evil" because they are the most blatant example of the evil among us. Yes, evil is "out there". It always has been and always will be. Police are not the solution.

The biggest result of allowing them to clutter society is to make all bad guys much safer. This is because they enforce so many "laws" against self-defense and defense of property. Of course, cops and freelance thugs have so much in common that to make it dangerous for "bad guys" to operate also makes it dangerous for cops. Too bad.

Then, to assume that "high school dropouts" are somehow unworthy to defend themselves... I don't even know what to say. School is indoctrination. It ruins the mind and is the opposite of education. Dropping out can be the wisest decision when faced with that truth. Cops who graduated high school are not "better" than people who dropped out and have kept honest jobs their whole life. (Cops get all their money from theft, you know.) It's not the person, it is the act. And having the ability to use deadly power is morally neutral. It can be good when used in defense or it can be evil when used for aggression- as it usually is by cops.

Having the ability to use deadly power- which isn't exclusive to guns, by the way- is not good or bad. The way you choose to use that deadly power (which everyone always possesses anyway, regardless) is all that matters.

It's why the anti-gun advocates, and the pro-cop extremists, are wrong. This time and every time.



  1. Yeah, that high school drop out comment was strange. However, cops have a two-fold purpose. 1) to follow up on clues after a crime has been committed, and 2) to harass otherwise honest, peaceful citizens. No cop magically appears between you and the bad guy to "corral" him.

  2. Did you read about the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys? What started out as a dispute over the ownership of a hog became an ongoing fued that resulted in a dozen people being murdered and much other violence taking place over several years until the beginning of the 20th. century and things got so bad, the governor threatened to send in the state militia. There were also very few law enforcement people around in those days. Perhaps if there were, something could have been mediated. If we do away with cops, don't you fear that there will be a rise in killings and beatings over minor disputes that escalate out of control?

    1. If there were no cops around, would you kill and beat people over a minor dispute? What about gangs killing and beating over minor (or nonexistent) disputes in places where there are plenty of cops?

      Cops don't even figure into the equation when people want to kill and beat. That always think they'll get away with it. It's always "someone else" who gets caught. Or, they'll become the police so they can do their killing and beating with near-immunity.

    2. Hatfield and McCoy disputes were all about authoritarianism. And that is the question -- not whether this or that authority is right or wrong.