Tuesday, June 03, 2014


So, the "prisoner of war" purchased in exchange for other prisoners of war (sounds like "human trafficking" to me) turns out to be a "deserter".

They used to call them "run-away slaves".

If you can't quit and walk away, you are a slave. And those who would heap scorn on you for trying to escape your slavemaster are supporters of slavery, along with the worst of the same from history.



  1. The fact that enlisting in the military is signing one's self into servitude is never faced by the prospective enlistee - an individual willing to follow orders to initiate physical harm, even if s/he thinks sh/e'll only being provide support services. Rarely, I expect, is the subject of "escape clause" ever discussed regarding the contract the enlistee signs and what it would take to quit without spending time in prison.

    My recommendation is to NOT enlist/re-up and to dissuade all others from doing the same. With far fewer GovEnforcers - both military and domestic variety - governments can do far less harm, since it is the Enforcers who make all the words issued via orders/laws/mandates/edicts/regulations/etc more than ignorable.

    1. I agree, but just like a higher minimum wage does in unskilled labor markets, fewer enlistees will just encourage further automation in that "industry", and drones are already a problem. However at least the pool of people who we can point at and say "this is wrong" would be smaller.

    2. One good thing about automation: fewer people among us would have a moral problem with destroying a drone or other death robot than would hesitate to shoot a 19 year old soldier marching down their street. Also, technology can always be hacked and sent back from whence it came.

  2. Devil's advocate: He violated the contract that he volutontarily entered into with the Federal government.

    (Which isn't to say the whole endeavor wasn't immortal to begin with. )

  3. When you voluntarily enter a contract, but it turns out the other party lied to get you to sign or doesn't hold up their end of the bargain, the whole deal is null and void to my mind. I think in any "contract" with any government you are pretty safe, ethically speaking, to walk away.