Sunday, June 08, 2014

"Do something" and never mind about the consequences!

Recently I encountered a bizarre saying- one that was chilling in its implications:
"Get up, go out, do something even if it's wrong."

What? Why?

Is this a manifestation of that old delusion that you always must be "doing something" or else you are worthless?

Doing something wrong is worse- much worse- than doing nothing at all. It's even worse than neglecting to do the right thing, in my mind. It is more wrong to shove someone in front of a train than to neglect to save him.

Yet, there are people out there among us who apparently think it's so important to "do something" that it doesn't matter if they do evil. I will try to stay far away from those people!



  1. I read, somewhere once, that prior to the Puritan influence (basically the Reformation Movement) that being lazy, that is doing little to nothing, was acceptable as long as one wasn't bothering others. After the Puritan influence it was all about "idle hands are the devil's workshop," and that we must keep busy at all time. What a load of rubbish. And one other thing, before the Puritan influence, nudity, even in public, wasn't considered all that bad. For instance, stopping at a stream beside the road, disrobing and bathing while others walked by. It was accepted that we were all naked beneath our garments.

    1. I'm gonna dig up some Puritans' bones and piss all over them! Who's with me?

    2. It wouldn't change anything - and the early protestants (Calvanist an Lutheran) believed in universal damnation of humanity, apart from an elect few, who's favoured status would likely have been revealed by material success in their earthly labours.

      So the majority of them likely expected to go to hell whatever they did, and what sort of heaven the "elect" expected, I don't know. Perhaps one with hot and cold running kiddies for them to fiddle?

      Political economist Adam Smith's fallacious idea of a labour theory of value likely sprang from his Calvanist background.

      Without the labour theory of value, Karl Marx' re-hash of Ricardian economics falls to pieces.

      Without Marx - would we have had quite so many hundreds of millions of murders by statists in the twentieth century?

      Ok, I know it's not going to do any good - but I think I might just go piss on a few graves myself

  2. Kent,

    My Personal Motto:
    When in doubt, do nothing.


  3. "...When in doubt, do nothing..."

    Better yet...RUN!