Monday, June 23, 2014

L. Neil, you magnificent ... thinker. ;)

To anyone who knows how to look, what's heartbreakingly obvious—and more painful to me than I can possibly express—is that we, the United States of America, have, by fits and starts, become the very evil that we have always believed we were fighting. Our young soldiers are invaders, villains, no matter how they look or sound, not heroes or liberators, as they claim—or it is claimed for them. By any objective standard, they are being killed by people trying to protect their property, their rights, and the way that they choose to live their lives, no matter how repulsive and abhorrent that may seem to us.
My only quibble is that there is no "we", I am NOT a part of this and it isn't being done on my behalf, and "the United States of America" exists only in certain minds.

I recommend you go read the whole thing in this week's issue of The Libertarian Enterprise.


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  1. I've come to be very careful with my use of the collectivist pronoun "we". It can be the most dangerous word in the world.