Friday, June 27, 2014

Rattling the tin cup

I'm changing this into my generic "I could sure use some donations or subscriptions" post. So, if I have linked to this, it is a quiet request.

Any updated information is below:

I'm sure someone has a few thou$and sitting around they were just gonna toss in a bonfire, but started thinking "How else might I dispose of this stuff?", right? Well, now that you asked...

If you have the desire and the ability* to donate, click on the button over there on the right side.


*And, as always, please DON'T donate anything you can put to better use! Seriously!



  1. I read that you ran for President before. If you haven't written a book about that experience, you might want to. All the places you went to and people you met could be very enlightening and even entertaining to read about, and you might make a few bucks in the process.

    1. I didn't go anywhere or "meet" anyone (other than by email and phone). I was running strictly online, and it got more attention than I really expected.
      And, pretty soon I began to realize that I couldn't be a part of something that was based on aggression and theft, and realized I couldn't comply with the FEC's electioneering schemes and still uphold my principles. Plus, I had no real support at home, but someone who sabotaged me at every turn in multiple ways (but that's a long unpleasant story).

  2. Things are still tight, but I'm over the crisis.

    I hate to tell of plans before they happen ("Hey, I won't be home for a couple of days. Stop and break in!" You never know who might read thing posted online), but I needed to go to my niece's wedding about 4 hours away- my daughter was in it. And I was too broke to make it. But, you guys came through. Thank you!

    And, I bet you never even noticed I was gone!