Saturday, June 07, 2014

The "law-abiding" lie

Any time a politician, a LEO, or a copsucking organization qualifies something they say by prefixing it with "law-abiding"- and especially when they add "citizen"- you know they are lying. The term is utterly without meaning.

First of all, no one is "law-abiding", no matter what they believe.

Secondly, you can go from (supposedly) "law-abiding" to a "criminal" in the blink of a politician's eye. All that takes is for him to make up a new rule.

So, when a police chief or a sheriff says they "support the right of law-abiding citizens" to own and to carry firearms, what are they really saying?

They are saying that if the "law" says you can't carry a gun, you are not "law-abiding" if you do, so they'll not support you.

They are saying that if the "law" suddenly changes to outlaw some of your guns, and you don't immediately turn them in, you are no longer "law-abiding" and are fair game to be killed for lack of compliance.

They are saying your rights depend on permission slips from government bureaucrats, and your "citizenship" status.

They are saying that your rights hinge on what others decide.

They are liars and thugs. Your rights don't depend on "laws", nor on "citizenship". They are immutable. Anyone trying to violate you by using the vile words "law-abiding" is not a friend of liberty.



  1. I always understood the term to mean one who has never been convicted of a felony. (Because citizens with a felony record may not keep and bear arms any longer.)

    Muh inalienable rights

    1. Well, they don't say "felony" plus, how many "felonies" do you commit every day? How many of those silly "felonies" actually involve violence or violations of private property? And how can a person actually "lose" a right?

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    3. Notice I wrote "convicted of a felony"? But yeah, it's supposedly impossible to lose an inalienable right.
      (Unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor.)

    4. Anon: As I understand it the laws forbidding ex-felons from owing firearms started in the South to keep black ex-felons from owning firearms. And it was real easy for a black man to become a convicted felon in the South years ago. However, most states have the legal hoops to jump through now so if an ex-felon does not commit an new felony then, after a period of time, he or she can petition to get his or her "civil" rights back. But, or course, if the right is inalienable, then "they" shouldn't be able to legislate it away. That's why the law never equals justice.