Thursday, July 24, 2014

Geography, imaginary lines, and gangs

People are very confused.

North America is a continent.

America is a country (which also includes some territory not on that map) on that continent.

The US is a government- a gang of thieving thugs- who steal and attack people who live in the America part of North America- although those thugs have not limited themselves quite that much in reality. They seem to feel they have some "right" to do the same to people all over the globe.

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Rattle, rattle...


  1. "Nation" and "country" are mindless abstractions. They have neither substance nor value. Continents and islands and sounds and peninsulas, etc., are places. As are oceans and bays, etc. If you walk to the very edge of a continent or island you will usually get to the shore of a body of water -- sometimes to an isthmus leading to another land mass.

    These are places. Places are inhabited by people.

    "Borders" are fictitious lines in the sand, generally established by psychopaths in history, each of whom had autocratic and fascist capabilities to raise up mobs of sycophantic followers to form armies and other deadly fighting forces with murderous weaponry. They normally would follow the conquering of peaceful, mostly agrarian tribes and families, who then became slaves.

    From the ranks of second and third-generation slaves in history were recruited various levels of overseers -- always more dangerous and cruel than the original conquerors. These chief policemen in time and through circumlocution became known as "judges", "senators" and "legislators" through the obfuscation and genius of "elections".

    "Democracy!" "Our-Beloved-Country!"

    Grand wizards of each of these entities always host a series of religious, public and political holidays to aggrandize the wars and the "freedom, liberty and independence" of the slaves occupying and producing (so to encourage them to "pay-their-fair-share") in the country or nation. These are not about freedom, liberty or independence, but about obedience. The firecrackers are fun for the kids and reminders to the adults that all "law"will be backed by violence -- violence emitted by the policemen recruited from their midst.

    People like me, who were enslaved as youth to murder and die for the mindless abstraction and wrest control from one tyrant for another tyrant ("veterans" ha ha), still suffer after over 60 years from the shock of exploding firecrackers. I try to hide and stay away from people during those atrocities called "independence day".

    The internet is giving rise to an awakening that I want to live to see. The end of "country" and "nation".

    The enormity of the truth is incredible.

    1. A country is an abstraction, for sure, but not a "mindless" one. In fact, the mind is where it exists.

      I can understand the idea of "country" even as I see through it. People believe there is a country which is America. They believe it has certain characteristics. I'd say those beliefs are mostly harmless- until they start believing the "government" and the "country" are interchangeable. That's when problems really start. That's because the "country" belief is generally about positive traits those believers "see" in the "country" (which may or may not be reality), but when they fool themselves into believing the "government" is responsible for those positive traits, rather than the enemy of them all, they will dogmatically support that "government" from all those who speak the truth about it.

    2. I wouldn't disagree with any that you've said, and my use of "mindless" with "abstraction" might be out of line. Delmar England talked about "Lies of Language" -- where the writer or speaker tends to shield the perpetrator from his malicious works: "...The U.S. bombed Iraq over weapons of mass destruction..."; where "the U.S." is incapable of attacking anybody -- "it" is a "mindless abstraction". A jerk named Bush ordered his minions in the form of generals, colonials, lieutenants, etc., to attack people in a place called Iraq...


      "The language usage is literally saturated with “abstract entities” to psychologically shield the actor from self. Any agreement with and/or use of the language of disassociation is denial of real individual as the actor. It is the language of lies. Such concurrence with distorted language by word or deed serves to maintain the base philosophy and psychology of oppression".