Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy Secession Day!

Or, maybe Liberty Day. Because you're independent every day, right?

I refuse to celebrate a day which was originally set aside to celebrate independence from a tyrannical State by worshiping the growing abuses of a tyrannical State which is in the process of building a planet-wide Mega-Empire of aggression, spying, and theft.

Nope. I'll celebrate the spirit of secession- as it should be.

And, when I encourage secession I don't just mean an independent nation of Texas or something like that- although that would be fine too, as a first step of smashing Leviathan into manageable-sized chunks- but secession all the way to the level of the individual. Not isolated islands of one person each, but a sea of equal individuals. No slaves; no masters. Just sovereign individuals living their lives, not under any false "authority".

That is Liberty, and secession is a necessary step on the path to get there.

Happy Secession Day!

I see this as the antidote to the fictional Unification Day from "Firefly". Yesterday I was shocked and disappointed to see a supposed Browncoat on Facebook defending and praising the real life Reavers... I mean PurpleBellies.  Oops, Alliance... uh... cops. Whichever... the real life bad guys. The cognitive dissonance seems like it would painful. Can't much figure out how copsuckers survive such high levels of it.



  1. Was just getting ready to blog "Happy Right to Alter or Abolish Day" and that it needs to be a worldwide movement. See my site Dissolution of big nation states is inevitable, through either war and economic destruction or intelligent human beings altering and abolishing government to fit their needs, not the needs of whichever dominant tiny minority is in power....

    1. I'm all for abolishing- just don't replace the cancerous tumor with anything. :)

    2. I recommend this article, which appeared on today's Lew Rockwell page -- and is a review of this essay by Gary North.

      Yes, we will have secession. No, we will not have revolution. Read about the difference.


  2. On this day I always contemplate those poor schmucks in 1776 who went through all that trouble to rid themselves of a king..........just to create ANOTHER king. What's to celebrate?
    I also subscribe to your method of secessions, Kent. I call it a "succession of secessions," each creating a smaller and smaller unit until the individual is sovereign.
    Will this happen in my life time? Don't know, but I sure as shit will try to help it along.

  3. "Not isolated islands of one person each, but a sea of equal individuals. No slaves; no masters. Just sovereign individuals living their lives, not under any false "authority"."

    Well stated, Kent. Yes, true cooperation between and among individuals only comes with a society of full liberty and highest possible freedom, a condition that has never yet existed but is still possible. This requires a paradigm shift in thinking, as you well understand, away from the idea that government (which is always coercion-based) is necessary for social order.

    Social Meta-Needs are those environmental conditions of interaction that can exist within human society and stably self-order it so that each individual can gain all goods and services needed to optimally increase his lifetime happiness. The foundation for social meta-needs is shown to be a redefined 'ethical egoism' as the necessary purpose of any individual's life. Public social preferencing becomes the ultimate arbiter of individual action and effector of a social order of maximal liberty. - for full understanding via a studied read, including links.