Saturday, July 26, 2014

Important Readings

These may not be "The Most Important" to you, but for me, these are the sort of things that can make people see Liberty in a whole new light. Read them and share them with those who might need them.

Abstain from beans

Better off stateless: Somalia before and after government collapse

"But wouldn't warlords take over?"

The Criminality of the State

FREEDOM! by Adam Kokesh (or here)

Isaiah's job

John Taylor Gatto

The Libertarian Enterprise

The Market for Liberty

The Myth of the "Rule of "Law".

The On Line Freedom Academy (TOLFA)

Our Enemy, the State

The Penalty is always death

The Philosophy of Liberty (OK, video reading)

"Political means" vs "Economic means"

The Practicality of Libertarianism

Somali “Anarchy” Is More Orderly than Somali Government



  1. more recommendations for liberty reading are always welcome.

    I've just watched the traffic lights and road priority vids (seen them a few times before) and got something new out of them.

    The idea of implied entitlement coming from authoriteh.

    by giving implicit permission to shove others out of the way, voila! the state gets some people to fight a hobbesian war

    remove the implied consent (priority lines at road junctions, badges and costumes from individuals,) and you remove the fora where we are encouraged to fight the hobbesian war

    so many of the statist rules ("giving the community a say...", democracy etc) serve the same purpose as the rules in the "big Brother" house, they are supposed get us to fight for the amusement of a statist audience.

    A friend has just sent me this link to a 1947 British "public information" film (note the references to food rationing - dried egg, versus bacon).
    Contrast the imaginary hobbesian war which the statist makers of the film wanted its viewers to fear, and to welcome authoriteh's centrally planned solution to - with the consensual cooperation which actually occurs when the central planner's "entitlement" is removed.

    No wonder - as Davi Barker notes, psychologists' experimental investigations of authoriteh and entitlement, such as the Milgram (getting volounteers to give what they think are electric shocks up to a supposedly lethal one to another person) and the Stanford fake prison experiments are now not officially allowed

  2. I have a great, and I mean GREAT!!, recommended pro-liberty book that I found
    based on the below article from Jeff Berwick

    It's called "Market For Liberty" by Morris and Linda Tannehill
    Its a 165 pages in a pdf format. The main premise is, you don't need government.
    It is excellently covers all the bases of establishing a stateless society
    Its available here

    1. Thank you for the recommendation. I will be adding it to my Kindle immediately.

    2. (I will also add it to the list above.)

  3. Bill,
    The Tannehill book is a good one I read years ago. Agreed. It's been mentioned at and many times.