Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Importing new Democrats? Or creating them?

"Conservatives" yapping about "illegals" sound just as dumb as "liberals" droning on about guns.

But consider this: "Conservatives" say they oppose the independent migrants because they are being imported (or allowed to enter) to become "new Democratic voters". Well, who do you think they'd vote for? The people who are "welcoming" them with hatred, calling them "illegals", and waving the Federal flag in their faces?

Sure, it would be better if they refused to play the political game at all. It would also be better if there were no welfare for anyone to become dependent upon, and no "offices" to vote any parasites and tyrants into.

But consider who immigrants are inevitably going to see as the ones on their side. Consider who they'll end up being exposed to in a positive way. It's not going to be the "conservatives".

If you want new immigrants to become more like you, treat them with respect. If you don't want them to slip into the arms of your ideological enemies, then don't drive them there. Give them a chance. Encourage them to be independent and self-reliant. Lead by example and kindness.

Treating them like scum is guaranteeing the outcome you claim to fear. A self-fulfilling prediction. And unless you are as deeply in denial as those you rail against, you have to see how much of the responsibility is yours.



  1. “Conservatives” are only unhappy because their state master shows favoritism toward his NEW slaves at the expense of his OLD slaves.
    They see these migrants as competition for their free goodies on the tax plantation.
    “Conservatives” scream that allowing these migrants to enter as “socialism.” But what is actually socialism is enforcing arbitrary borders created by politi-gangsters, rather than individuals enforcing distinct PRIVATE PROPERTY lines.

  2. This, Kent, is one of your best blogs ever. It's short, to the point, and sez it all.

    Would that your local editor would allow it "as is" to be one of your contributing editorials!


  3. In fact (sorry for the double entry), what you write here is a paradigm of critical thinking -- an exercise not found among those who see political authority as serving a socially useful purpose.


  4. You make some good points, but why won't they try to immigrate legally, like so many other immigrants did before? A number of these illegal aliens have criminal records and gang ties. Many come here for economic gain only and send much of their earnings back to their home countries. They often don't bother to learn English. That's more important than some think. For example, how can they dirve safely if they can't read the traffic signs? Illegal aliens are more likely to be on government programs or in prison than they are to be doing far labor, in spite of the claim they're "doing work Americans won't do." I'm not against immigration, but let it be done legally. Previous generations of immigrants did it legally.

    1. Anonymous - Take a look at these two web sites -
      See Stockholm Syndrome.

      also http://reason.com/blog/2008/09/24/new-at-reason-mike-flynn-shikh
      Regarding the near impossibility of becoming a legal immigrant.

    2. Why don't they do it legally? For the same reason people don't do a lot of things legally today when they used to do legally: more law pollution.

      Why do so many people no longer carry concealed legally? Or grow marijuana/hemp legally? Or build homes in the wilderness legally? Or buy heroin legally? Why don't people immigrate legally like they used to? Because the way they used to do it legally is now illegal. There didn't used to be "laws" regulating what was "legal" or not in regard to immigration- in fact the Constitution doesn't allow immigration rationing. You can't do something "illegally" until someone makes up a rule saying there is a legal way to do it and every other way is "illegal".

      "A number of these illegal aliens have criminal records and gang ties."
      So do "a number of" Americans. So? If someone initiates force or violates private property use self defensive violence. Don't concern yourself with where that person may have been born- because nothing could possibly matter less.

      "Many come here for economic gain only and send much of their earnings back to their home countries."
      And that impresses me greatly. To see them make do with less in order to help out their families is incredibly selfless. My hat is off to them!

      "They often don't bother to learn English."
      If they can get by, then why does it matter? I have almost always been able to make myself understood by a non-English speaker when I needed to. And, I notice that their kids grow up speaking English pretty well and serving as translators. I am always amused when I see a couple talking where one speaks one language and the other speaks English. It makes me think of Star Trek or something where each speaks the language he speaks best and knows the other language well enough to translate in his head. I love it!

    3. "how can they drive safely if they can't read the traffic signs?"
      How many traffic signs (which are in words, rather than hieroglyphics) are really that important for safe driving? Not many, I have noticed. In fact, I am in favor of getting rid of just about all traffic signs and signals, like this: Roads fit for people (watch part 1, too).

      "Illegal aliens are more likely to be on government programs or in prison than they are to be doing far labor"
      Why do you imagine that might be? First off, if socialists offer free money, people are going to take it. Stop offering it to ANYONE. Then, the silly rules about hiring them make it harder for them to find jobs, which nudges some into criminal activity. Plus, you have a government littering the place with all sorts of stupid "laws" that it gets harder and harder to avoid breaking. Including the stupid and evil War on Politically Incorrect Drugs, which probably results in a lot of the prison stays.

      "I'm not against immigration, but let it be done legally."
      I'm against "laws" which make "illegals" out of people who are simply exercising their fundamental human right to go where they wish to go and live where they wish to live- as long as they respect private (not "collectivized") property. There can be no such thing as "illegal immigration". Period. The "laws" creating that "offense" are illegitimate.

      "Previous generations of immigrants did it legally" because it was much, MUCH easier back then. So, yes, you really are against immigration if you believe The State has the right or authority to regulate it.

      I understand the fear... I just can't join in.

    4. Maybe because there is a waiting period of somewhere between five to twenty years for unskilled and semiskilled laborers and they;re like to be murdered or starve to death in that time.

  5. Here is an article which you may find informative as I have. I'm not a fervernt follower of the author, but he has some good ideas.


    1. I see a lot of problems in that article. I'll try to address them (or at least some of them) soon. But, yeah, it does make you think, and shows you how "conservatives" view a lot of different issues.

    2. Here's my commentary on that article: link

  6. "If you want new immigrants to become more like you, treat them with respect."

    Absolutely. Inspiring article and comment responses Kent!

    Just worked with 2 guys one month of the literal boat from Cuba on a deck / landscaping project. I picked them up from a non profit day labor place I often utilize. I always pay a pre discussed portion of the project profit. I treat my temporary project partners as though they were contractors rather than employment slaves and labor with them. These Cuban men have begrudgingly left their homes in a tropical paradise for 2 years due to statist engineered economic conditions with no other purpose than to earn money to support their wives, children and extended families. Upon cessastion of work each day they immediately call their families often resulting in grown men weeping. Using google translator both my spanish and their english have exploded. Our efforts scored us an ongoing landscape maintenance and beautification gig in the clients wealthy neighborhood. My family has been invited to stay on their ranch in Cuba this spring. My point is that this is the type of world that could exist. There is no need for the the fear based money subjugation clown world we currently dwell in. Taking our jobs is a fucking laugh. Human want is infinite, it is motivation and effort that is lacking. Afraid of immigrants milking you? Quit pandering to the ring of power, pick up a god damn shovel and do something.