Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Pageant winners

The time is coming when you will be encouraged to add your tiny, insignificant vote to an avalanche of other insignificant votes so a new crop of rulers can be selected to meddle in your private affairs and find new and exciting ways to steal from you- and decide they need to steal more and more.

Yep, elections are coming.

Maybe instead of calling this nasty ritual an "election", we should call it something more accurate. Something like a pageant of slavery.

The control freaks would call you crazy for calling it that.



  1. I'm convinced, Kent, that U.S. (or local city, county or state) elections for monopoly regimes can only be considered "pageants of slavery" by those still longing deep down in their souls to grant a certain legitimacy to said monopoly. It's not that those of us who have declared personal sovereignty are not every now and again adversely affected by the murderous onslaughts carried out by those psychopaths who make up the monopolies. We are -- sometimes directly, more often indirectly (taxation, for example).

    And in certain cases we have no choice other than to risk being directly confronted by those lunatics. As an illustration, try driving a truck professionally. Psychotic individuals employed as DOT's and various patrol types can and do pull truckers over (or waylay them in their "chicken coops") and create delays and hassles just because they can. That's the nature of the rulership illness, and I've learned certain tactics that tend to "lower the target". Psychotics all possess the same stupidity and can be staved off. One needn't spend a lot of time or emotional energy fearing them as long as s/he is aware of their inbred achilles' heel.

    But so are we adversely affected by venomous snakes -- unless or until we arrange our lives in such a manner as to avoid them. I try to stay out of their habitats -- or use caution and wear protective gear when I must traipse into where they inhabit for some reason. I keep grass trimmed around the house, which discourages snakes' nesting where grandkids play, for instance.

    Unlike government employees, however, snakes do have some useful characteristics. They feed upon rodents, mosquitoes, etc.

    So if your home is rat-free, thank a snake. Sam

    1. What do you see as their "inbred achilles' heel"?
      And, I like snakes just fine.

    2. Kent: "...What do you see as their "inbred achilles' heel"?..."

      All government types are psychopathic. None are capable of critical thought. If a critical thought or idea ever occured to one of them, s/he would resign immediately.

      So never, never expect sanity or reason from a bureaucrat, which includes all "law enforcement". I never utter statements pertaining to "rights" (I have no "rights" -- only choices, and I make them independent of the white man or his "laws").

      Since I am a company driver, for example (I don't operate my own rig under my own name for a number of sound reasons), my approach is usually, "yes sir, yes sir, three bags full sir" -- and leave it at that.