Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Well-meaning thieves

Some people I love have government "jobs". It saddens me that they are thieves.

Even if they work for the money and do nothing wrong as part of their "job"- they aren't passing or enforcing counterfeit rules, nor directly violating anyone's Rightful Liberty- the money they are paid is still stolen property.

I have had people argue that they aren't thieves because they work for their money... they don't believe it is work to mug people in the park, or to break into houses and carry out all the valuables? Not only is it "work", it is dangerous "work". Do they believe those thieves should be compensated for the hard work they do?

Well, a mugger's "job" isn't wanted by me- and neither is the government school teacher's position, nor the cop's, nor the bureaucrat's. I willingly pay for what I want, but when I am forced to pay for what I don't want and would prefer to do without, I am being robbed. And so are you.

Please, if you work for government in any capacity, stop being dishonest and quit your government "job"*.

*The one exception I would make is if you use your government "job" to monkeywrench and foul up government's plans and save its victims. And still, unless you are able to do a huge amount of damage, internally, to government schemes, and save a huge number of people from its clutches, it's probably not worth it. You can't have 10 victims for every person saved and think you are doing good.



  1. "Some people I love have government "jobs". It saddens me that they are thieves."

    Questions: What is it about the person that you "love"? Are not the values/principles that a person holds and practices a major part of why you "love" him/her? A person's values are represented, at least in part, by the work they do and for whom they do it. If this person works for the government, does this not reduce the worth of this person in your estimation? Does sh/e reject the reasoned logic you present why s/he should get employment elsewhere or be self-employed, doing no business with government? If reasoned logic is being rejected by this person, does that not result in you having even less esteem for him/her? And is not love the highest of esteem for a person? Can you really love someone for whom you have low esteem?

    1. Almost everyone in my family works for "government" in some capacity. Many in "public" schools. It does diminish them in my eyes, but they still have other good qualities and (in most instances) consider me "radical". Just as I consider them thieves.

      They know my position of such "jobs", but I don't lecture. That would be tedious for us both. I know they would prefer I get a "good job", and that they consider "government jobs" to be "good", high paying, and secure.

      Mostly, we have called a truce on the issue.

  2. The majority of government workers I've met are very pleasant and helpful people. Someone with Libertarian views can view their employment with suspicion and believe they should be employed in the private sector. At the same time, I don't fault someone for wanting a secure income. In fact, there is student loan forgiveness for people with government jobs now.