Sunday, August 03, 2014

Idolizing the bad guys

You may have seen the story about the Albuquerque "Make A Wish" SWAT kid.

So very sad on several different levels.

Yeah, I understand the kid is sick, and all they are doing is making him happy. But, what does it say when innocent kids want to be the most scummy, violent parasites among us? How does one come to idolize such vermin?

Don't bother answering- I know the tragic answer.

Would Make A Wish let a kid become an honorary rapist or armed robber for his wish, too? If not, why would they play favorites?

I realize this kid wouldn't actually go on any SWATtings- so a kid who wants to be a robber or a rapist could just pretend, and hang out with real robbers and rapists, without carrying through the evil acts committed by those he idolizes, either. So why pretend there's a difference when there really isn't?



  1. Yes, I always wanted to grow up to wear scary black clothes, break down doors in the middle of the night, throw flash-bangs that burn babies, shoot dogs and any person who so much as tries to get out of bed, because I would be in fear for my life. And when we got the wrong house, not even have to apologize.

  2. Yah D.M., cuz all that gestapo shit makes you a "hero", and who doesn't want to be idolized as a "hero" for fucking good people over in the name of some govt.-approved victimless non-crimes! Gawd this place is full of sickos on both sides of the prohibitionist badge. My 10 year old cousin was with me and family in a restaurant the other day; he sees a Halloween-costumed thug come in and immediately regurgitates his public-skool-taught mantra: "Cops Rule"!! Speaking of regurgitation, I almost did!

  3. I have a similar reaction to the Marines' involvement in Toys for Tots. How sick is that?
    Who kills more children than the US military?

  4. When I had kids in school and attended sporting events, I always found myself tearing up when they opened the event with a worship of state service prior to "play ball!". I suppose people around me thought my tears were out of "patriotism" (which is merely the remembrance of youth). Not.

    My tears were those of sorrow. As a young man, drafted, forced to do and see things no young man should ever be witness to, I don't remember ever shedding a tear. Not one.

    But now is a different story -- I'm old. I have tears of sorrow for young folks like this lad. Because I'm powerless to do anything about the evil spirit that keeps Leviathan in motion and growing -- except to put in my two cents here, and try to support those who write and make a difference.

    And to encourage all to abstain from beans.

    The enormity of the truth is incredible. Sam