Thursday, August 14, 2014

I'm grateful for cops

No, seriously.

There was a time when bandits didn't advertise their evil intent. They blended in and you had no clue who they were until it was too late and they attacked.

The bad guys of the Western genre wear black hats and bandannas over their faces so you can know to keep an eye on them- while you watch the show. In real life I doubt they advertised so conspicuously.

But today the majority of the individuals you are likely to be violated by advertise their evil intent with badges and uniforms. Imagine that! You can tell at a glance who's the most likely, in a group of people, to be a real and credible danger to your life, liberty, property, and happiness.

We should all thank them for being so up-front about their intentions and loyalties.



  1. But then when they are up front about the reality they propose, they are quickly fired:

  2. These days terms like "good cops" "honest politicians" "public servants"........or "professional truck drivers"
    (I'm a truck driver so I'm qualified to say that) are all oxymorons.
    With the militaristic law enforcement that is common practice today (getting us accustomed to full bore martial law), it is obvious that those in law enforcement are attracted to and recruited to this kind of work because they are bullies with no sense of conscience or public service.
    The system has no intent to rein these people in (actions speak louder than words) and even encourages the problem by lack of meaningful oversight, the fact that they indoctrinate the rank and file with concepts that those of us who wish to be free and left alone are their enemies, and expansion of the very behavior that does
    alienate the citizens thusly creating the fulfillment of a self fulfilling prophesy.
    "Shock & Awe" has become the obvious mantra of law enforcement as borrowed from the military with their way over the top implementation of excessive force and violence.
    Any cop who wants to be perceived as one of the "good guys" does not accomplish that goal by remaining an active part of the criminal cabal that has overtaken a once honorable profession.
    Silence implies consent.--Sir Thomas Moore
    To permit is to participate.--David Daubenmire
    Honorable people will not continue to remain silent, ignore immoral behavior, and associate with those of that ilk.........even for retirement benefits. (Birds of a feather, blah, blah, blah.)
    Michael Ruppert was a profound example of how good cops, in a corrupt environment behave.