Saturday, August 09, 2014

Prison is a racket

Prison is about punishment, not justice. If punishment is what you want, then don't call it "justice"; just be honest about what you are advocating. And don't force others to pay for your desire.

Justice is about returning the victim of theft or aggression to as near their pre-victimized condition as possible. Prison is about victimizing the victim again by "taxing" them to pay for keeping their violator in a cage.

Sure, as long as a violator is caged, he isn't victimizing anyone else- at least, no one else who isn't caged with him. (And remember that most people who are trapped in those state cages are there for violating counterfeit rules, not for actually doing wrong, so them being violated by an aggressive captive is doubly wrong.)

But a universally armed population would probably assure that most violators would soon be out of work- or dead- anyway, without theft or government employee aggression. And without caging people for "crimes" where only the mental glitch called "the State"- claims to have been victimized.

The above video is pretty good, but the guy is still not able to escape his statist delusions, saying silly things such as prison being necessary for society, and making other ridiculous statements like that. Discount the chaff and latch onto the meat of the matter.



  1. It's interesting, the arguments advanced in favour of incarcerating children each day for teens of years, in Lord of the Flies type environments - without them even learning how to sew mail bags, are the same as those advanced for abducting adults and putting them in cages:

    It [re]habilitates them to become members of "society"
    It keeps them off the streets and from getting into trouble
    It shows them what authoriteh feels like

  2. "Mistrust those in whom the urge to punish is strong." (Friedrich Nietzsche) That would be us, as in the U.S. And then, of course, there's cheap (really cheap) convict labor to help American corporations to compete globally.

  3. You make an interesting case, but what alternative to prison is there?

    1. That's kind of a strange question. Since prison doesn't "work", but makes things worse (by creating a "Criminal University"), and is wrong on every imaginable level, an alternative isn't even needed.

      However, restitution would be a better goal. And shunning for those who refuse to cooperate. And self defense against those who continue to thieve and aggress. (You should be able to find posts on all those topics here.) Those things strike at the root rather than fertilizing it, like prison does.

  4. To hitch a ride of Kent's coat tails

    Prison "works" in ways which no decent person would ever want.

    Prison "works" as a way to bung billions in stolen money to favoured cronies
    Prison "works" as a place where people who ask awkward questions can be publicly silenced pour encourage les autres
    Prison "works" as a reservoir of isolated and frightened young people for the most sadistic of the ruling psychopaths to rape, torture and murder with impunity.

    state funded orphanages and the "social workers" tasked with filling them also appear to serve this last function (check out Maloney's vids: "nightmare at elm guest house" and "Medomsley heroes for researched examples )