Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Self evaluation time

I write for you, my readers. This makes you my employer. And you get a very good deal because you can choose whether to pay me or not- and whether to even notice me or not.

And I'll probably continue to write, either way.

I get a good deal because no one person can really fire me or coerce me in what I write. Well, the newspaper gig could, but I get more money from donations and subscriptions, anyway.

I always wonder: Am I doing the right thing by writing about liberty? Would I be more effective doing something else- or nothing at all; just living it, instead?

As long as I keep getting your support and comments, I'll keep thinking I am doing some good. Feel free to chime in to tell me otherwise.



  1. Personally, I love your writings. You have an ability to put onto clear terms what I was already thinking. I had already made the transformation from diehard Republican conservative to libertarian to anarchist by the time I found your blog, so you haven't done much to make me change my mind, but your posts have given me several "oh, yeah - that makes sense" moments, and your clarity of thought and expression has inspired me to share quite a few articles already. I hope you will continue to write for a long time to come.

    1. Thank you very much for telling me that.

      I never had any intention of blogging. Someone else actually signed me up with this blog and sent me the password and "challenged" me to write- as a part of my presidential campaign. So, I somewhat reluctantly took the challenge. My only thought was that I'd never have enough to say and would embarrass myself.
      Once upon a time I thought I'd stop writing this blog when I got to 100 posts. I didn't see how I could possibly have more than that to say. Then I thought I'd stop when I reached one year. Obviously I ignored those finish lines. Now I just tell myself I'll keep this blog going as long as it feels useful and enjoyable to write. Coming up on 8 years soon.

  2. I agree with Rob, I really enjoy your posts and would be disappointed if they stopped. However, if you find something else that you enjoy more or advances the cause of liberty better, go for it!

  3. I have sort of been scolded, in a comment on the other post from this morning. Link here
    Point taken.