Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The crescendo approaches

In every issue of the local papers I see government growth. More "authority" being stolen and asserted; new "laws" being invented; more heavy-handed enforcement being proposed.

Sure, it might look like healthy growth to those who don't look too closely, but it's actually the malignant run-away growth of something about to die. When I extrapolate this to every area around America- and the world- I see the end of the Age of Authority coming.

Statists may believe they can keep this up, but they can't. It will cause a collapse. I don't have a lot of pity for those who keep cheering this growth on. I just hope it isn't too hard on the liberty lovers (who are probably at least kind of expecting it).



  1. We certainly live in interesting times.

    There are a couple of mechanisms busy competing at the moment, they might even unite.

    My favourite is the tidal wave of paper and electronic dollars and dollar denominated bonds which will be finding their way back to the shores of the united state as everyone else repudiates them. When that happens, all of the statist welfare and pay checks will be worthless.

    my suspicion is that the stand off at the Bundy Ranch was all about providing collateral for dissatisfied bond holders.

    What worries me is the potential for an engineered crisis ahead of repudiation of the monetary system - something like a big war intended to drive the children into mammy states' abusive embrace.

    The currency debasement and taxes by which the rulers of imperial Rome tried to hang onto power, destroyed international trade and division of labour, it took eleven to twelve centuries for that loss to be made good.

    Interesting times ahead.

  2. What is about to die needs to die.

    But what we're witnessing is going on all over the earth, not just regional as in previous currency collapses. All currency is now fiat currency -- depending only upon faith of its users. It seems psychopaths all over the world are engaged in a race to see who can devalue the fastest -- to create the illusion of increased export value. A loser's game impoverishing billions of folks.

    Let's just hope the internet reformation has inspired a critical mass that can prevent an even more maleficent (global) political authority from arising from the ashes.

    Keith is right -- this is an interesting time in which to be alive. Sam

  3. I for one will be helping the demise of this authority, with steel and lead and the blood of tyrants. I'm not afraid to say that people DO need to start taking action - violent action if necessary - as long as it is against the right people (LEOs, IRS agents, DEA agents, among others). Many of those among these ranks are simply human garbage.
    I can't wait until it happens. I just hope it is sooner rather than later.

  4. Things just got a little more interesting again today.

    Dollar hegemony and the reign of unite state banksters is over http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-27/gazprom-begins-accepting-payment-oil-ruble-yuan

    Interesting times