Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Horrors of "legalization"!

We must keep "those things" illegal!

It's all that stands between us and a total disintegration of society!

I mean, really!

You can't legalize Crocs or everyone will wear them!

The same goes for broccoli! If it were legal what would stop people from eating it? Think of the children!

No one would be able to resist something if it's not illegal. No one has any preferences of their own. Everyone will be wearing Crocs and distractedly munching broccoli instead of productively earning tax money for the state unless we make sure to not endorse such things- by keeping them illegal!

Where would it end?



  1. "Legitimacy", "legality" etc., are between your ears.

    Oh, I know -- don't get me wrong -- if you're gonna procure a stash and/or blow a reefer you gotta watch out for the white man. He's armed and he's dangerous. And he believes in those terms. He will shoot you dead under the auspice of "enforcement".

    But it's not going to matter a whit in a whirlwind to us if those creeps "legalize" pot, or pussy, or anything in-between. Sam

  2. @Samuel Spade

    Although I sympathize with your statements - Not too long into the future those doing the "enforcement" may soon have to worry about themselves being shot dead by rebels taking a stand if they do not start respecting people's natural rights.