Monday, September 29, 2014

Bitcoin question

How can I regain access to my Bitcoin?

Long story- the computer I have been using since I began this blog 8 years ago finally totally died. It had been limping along for years, so I wasn't caught by surprise. I sold something I really didn't want to sell and bought a new one. I had saved the DAT file from the Bitcoin wallet fairly often before the computer died, and have it on a stick, but now I have no idea to translate that into moving the Bitcoin to the new computer. I also don't remember which "brand" of wallet I was using.

Any ideas?



  1. I'll try to put you in touch with a computer guy. do you know which part of the computer died?

    1. No. I just refused to start, going in endless loops of start up nonsense. But, I'm not really worried about it; I'd just like to save my Bitcoin- I didn't have much, since I used them to buy silver.

  2. bitcoin-qt saves files called wallet.dat files. If that is what you used you can probably read it out into's online wallet here

    You could also try loading BItcoin-Qt onto your new system and seeing if it recognizes the dat file. You can get Bitcoin-Qt here: (note that it could take a couple of days to sync with the blockchain).

    Best of luck to you,