Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Updated: Officer Brent Aguilar of Clovis (NM) PD- newly registered Liberty Offender

Since this event is local to me, I feel I should help spread it around:
Passenger Asks Police Why They Were Stopped, So They Handcuffed Him Then Broke His Face

The Clovis Police department's Facebook page is doing damage control (in other words, lying and excusing and trying to deflect attention to this aggression by tax addict), and the copsuckers are helping- although at this time they are vastly outnumbered by the people who simply aren't buying the "justifications" anymore.

So, I think we have another addition to the Liberty Offender Registry: Congratulations Tax Parasite Officer Aguilar. I'll update this with your full name, you spineless pig, once I find out more information.

I'll also name your disgusting accomplices (Still believe in "good cops"? LOL)

I'll say it again: "resisting arrest", especially when it is an illegal "arrest- more accurately called a kidnapping- can NEVER be a "crime". You have an absolute right to defend yourself from kidnappers with any amount of force it takes to stop them- yes, even deadly force. Every single time a kidnapping of this sort is attempted I would love to see the kidnapper dead.

Watch below for updates and more links.

UPDATE: Seems it was Officer Brent Aguilar who was the brutal pig: link

"Corona was charged with concealing his identity and resisting arrest"

So, if I demand to know who someone is- without any cause whatsoever- and they refuse, it's a "crime". Good. So now let's see Brent Aguilar charged with the same crime since he and the police chief concealed his identity. Abolish the police.

UPDATE 2: You knew it was coming: Officer Brent Aguilar's victim has been kidnapped, charged with "felony aggravated assault and battery". Expose the crimes of a cop, expect retaliation. And, he didn't simply "accuse" Brent Aguilar- video evidence and eyewitness testimony backed him up. Even if he had said nothing, the evidence would have been there- in fact, he wasn't the one who recorded or released the video of the crime.

UPDATE 3: Apparently Aguilar has a history of brutal, thuggish behavior. How many other Clovis cops simply haven't yet been exposed for the same thing? All of them?



  1. I found this posted in Clovis:
    Brent Aguilar Police Dept K-9 Officer (575)769-1921
    Raphael Aguilar Police Dept Patrolman (575)769-1921
    Since I did not see any K-9 unit in the video, I think the fat-ass in the video is Raphael.
    Could always call to confirm.

    1. The thought of calling a police department makes me almost retch. I'm watching a few different sources to see what they say- but that may give them a lead. Thanks.

    2. The victim's attorney names Brent Aguilar as the attacker. See the update above.

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a more blatant case of assault. There was no sign that the victim offered any resistance at all before he was attacked.

    There might be one small ray of light in all of this, though. The video appears to be from the officer's own dashcam. If so, does this mean that someone within Clovis PD deliberately posted it to YouTube? Genuine question, I'm ignorant of how these things happen.

    1. I don't know how that works, either. I know cops frequently seem to make sure their dashcams or lapel cams aren't working before assaulting someone- if it is premeditated. And I think they forget about the cameras when they impulsively decide to molest someone. But, yeah, I don't know who posted the video. Maybe he has made enemies even within the department.

  3. Sovereign Immunity must be abolished. There is no reason for anyone to have "qualified immunity".

    "But that would be anarchy!"

    Yes. Yes, it would.

    Anarchy: It could not possibly be worse.