Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Can't fight reason? Just nuke 'em.

I just finished reading an excellent book, The Market for Liberty, which came highly recommended by one of the commenters here- I'll probably have more to say about it soon.

But, in reading how the authors say a free society would spread, because the States around the world couldn't compete with it, makes me wonder something inconvenient which the authors seem to have ignored.

Would governments join together in an attempt to attack and destroy a free society which was embarrassing them and attracting "their people" and businesses? Rather than trying to compete, and locking down their "borders" and outlawing emigration, would they simply nuke the free area to "solve" the problem?

I'm afraid I believe they just might do it, since there is no other way they could compete.

That doesn't mean they would necessarily be successful, since a free society would probably be filled to the brim with people who were obsessive about defense and weaponry- which no one would be able to criminalize.

And, in such a scenario, "winning" doesn't mean the aggressors were right and that statism is moral or ethical. It just means they were stronger or lucky. Just like any murderer who manages to kill his victim.

But, it's something I have seen in my own life: when statists can't win with reason, they resort quickly to force, which they always believe they have a right to initiate against anyone who doesn't agree with them. It's why they, while ridiculous, are dangerous and need to be watched.


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  1. I'm afraid you may be right, Kent. I can picture the statist aggressors rationalizing (and preaching to their populace) "It's not FAIR that these people are getting rich while we the Righteous (because we outlaw bad behavior, as a society should) suffer. The riches of the world must be SHARED, not hoarded. If they will not share voluntarily, we must stand ready to enforce an equitable sharing by whatever means prove necessary." Etc. Etc. blah blah.

    So I guess I see invasion with the goal of enslavement as more likely than nuking. But either way, absolute control.