Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Everywhere, yet nowhere

The state is pervasive. Everyone seems to be wrapped up in its tentacles in some way.

Either they have a government job or their job depends on government contracts, their kid is enslaved by the military, they depend on welfare, or they feel loyal to the local government kinderprison.

And the sick people like it that way.

This entanglement makes it harder for them to face the harsh reality.

And, yet, The State only exists in the minds of those addicted to obsessing over it- either loving it or hating it.



  1. Just one correction, Kent. The military, at present, is a volunteer army. You can't be a slave if you volunteer for whatever it is they do to you.

    1. They HAVE voluntarily enslaved themselves because they can't quit their job without being caged.

    2. When they lie to you to get you to sign up, then won't let you out when you find out they lied, nor when your contract is supposed to expire, you are a slave.
      There have always been people who sold themselves into slavery, for one reason or another. It's still slavery. Of course, it may seem like a good idea at the time- the regrets always come eventually. Even if those regrets are pushed down by the brainwashing and artificially enhanced "Unity" that makes the slaves and former slaves refuse to face them.

    3. Whenever poor, broke, dumb teen age kids (or young "adults") are deceived (by the masters of deceit) to "step across the line" (enlist for a defined time) those recruits have been enslaved into what √Čtienne de La Bo√©tie called "voluntary servitude". Slavery, whether "voluntary" or not, is slavery. Just like robbery, whether through "voluntary compliance" or outright mugging, is robbery.


    4. Sorry for the double post. But I wanted to clarify that I do see D. M. Mitchell's point: Everything done by psychopaths grouped into that mindless abstraction we like to call "government" is done through chicanery -- obfuscation. As war is the health of the state, obfuscation is its nature.

      The illusion is arranged so that the finger always points back at the victim. Then all the enslaved beg for return of just a little bit of the "freedom" that was stolen from them in the first place.

      And the carousel goes 'round and 'round. In just a few days those lunatic perpetrators will conduct another bread-and-circus event called "election". And the slaves will flock to the "polls" to try to pin a different tail on their slave-master donkey -- hoping (against hope) for just a few more crumbs from their servitude.

      The enormity of the truth is incredible. Sam

    5. Considering just what the state does with its "schooling" indoctrination camps, it's no wonder that for many the only way out they see is to join the military. They're not prepared for anything else!

    6. Victimless crimes involving young adults very often end up being forced into military as a form of plea-bargain from the judge. The Military is not all volunteers...