Sunday, October 05, 2014

If a cop saves a life...

What if there's a medical emergency? Maybe you don't call 911, but someone else does. Anymore, it's not only the needed medical professionals who arrive- the "Law" shows up, too, for some incomprehensible reason.

Maybe the cop even gets there first. Maybe the cop saves your life.

If a cop happens to show up and saves your life, good. But what does it matter what job your rescuer holds? Wouldn't you be just as grateful if you were rescued by a pimp or an artist? Would you forever worship all artists if one showed up and saved you?

So, why do some people act as though cops are special (no, not in "that" way) because they have the radios that make them aware of crisis situations as they happen?

If I happen upon an emergency scene I may or may not be of help, but I'm also highly unlikely to shoot the person in need due to them being unable to comply with arbitrary orders I bark at them.

Don't fall into the trap of worshiping cops just because some of them happen to show up at the scene of a crisis, and sometimes do the right thing at that moment. Even the cop training can't totally extinguish the ability to do the right thing sometimes.

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  1. I don't "worship cops" ... but, I also don't have such a narrow and closed view to anyone who wears a badge and a gun.
    Please .. don't even attempt to friend me because you are no better than those who have a narrow view of the grassroots and the Tea Party and who label Ron Paul as a constitutional extremist. Bye! - Sovereign Mary

    1. You may not "worship cops", but you make exceptions for them you wouldn't make for anyone else. Maybe you'll eventually realize how damaging that inconsistency is- both to you and to those you excuse.

    2. Kent - My husband's best friend who is now sadly deceased .. has a son who is an upright and forthright police officer. So, for you to brand all police officers as no good and distrustful is disgusting.
      You could not even come near filling his shoes as a man.
      We are both friend's with Dennis Marburger on Facebook ..who I personally know. I hold Dennis Marburger in high regard and grreat esteem .... and, he certainly does not have the immature and narrow minded viewpoints that you so sadly and disgustingly seem to hold.
      You are a pathetic and narrow-minded bigot. - Sovereign Mary

    3. Cop isn't "what someone is", it is "what someone does". You can't be a bigot against murderers because murderers make a choice to murder. They aren't born that way due to genes. Same with cops. They make the choice- every single day- to enforce counterfeit "laws" aggressively, and to live on stolen money ("taxes"). Cops are evil. They are scum. Every single one of them without exception- because if a person isn't, then that person will not lower themselves to be a cop.

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