Monday, October 13, 2014

Statists telling me what I want...

From where comes the assumption that if someone harms me, I want the guilty person kidnapped and placed in a cage- that I must finance whether I can afford it or not?

Not only am I expected to want to pay for the cage, the guards, my violator's food and electricity, the upkeep of the cage, his medical bills, and all the bureaucracy to keep him caged "legally", but I am also supposed to want to pay for the cops who "caught" him.

Screw that!

I want justice, not punishment. And justice doesn't come from The State.

Punishing others benefits me in no way, even when you punish the real guilty person, but actually harms me when the punishment is financed by me and others against our will. Heaping violation on top of violation to punish some violators is not a healthy "system".

Yet, I am told all the time that "no victim wants their violator to 'go free'".

Once again, I am "no one".



  1. It comes from the authoritarian mind-set that believes justice is derived from "law and order". When society is organized around the principle of obedience to authority enforced by a monopoly on violence, it will inherently emphasize punishment and ignore justice (making victims whole). Thus revenge is the modus operandi while justice becomes a prop used in the name of revenge.

    1. .....and that "revenge" is much more profitable for people in the right occupations than is "making victims whole."
      Always follow the money.