Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The foundation of civilization

Guess what, every bad guy you have ever met or heard of has some "libertarian" leanings or qualities. Every single one. And that doesn't negate libertarianism in any way.

Everyone has some libertarian positions.

Society would collapse if that weren't true. No one would be able to work together to accomplish anything, because the first disagreement would bring out the baseball bats, brass knuckles, and guns to force everyone else to do it "my way". Any price that was "too high" would result in theft- every time- unless the seller held the buyer at gun point as long as he was shopping.

Every civilized action is libertarian by nature.

Statism is only supportable as a minority, limited condition practiced in very limited ways, and not by too many people too much of the time in too many situations. It turns on itself otherwise.

It's utterly bizarre that some people get this truth exactly backwards.



  1. Kent,

    "It turns on itself..."

    It seems to be doing that right now.


  2. I've posted this link to a PDF essay (actually a chapter in one of Hasnas' books) here previously. I highly recommend it for those wishing to get a simple handle onto the controversial topic of basic freedom. Because freedom has many naysayers.