Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Does Liberty require bravery? Is statism for cowards?

Do you do the right thing, knowing there will be unfortunate consequences?

Do you respect the property rights of others even if you know they may well use their property against you in the future?

Do you support the right of humans to travel anywhere they want to go, with the permission of property owners, even knowing some bad guys are among them?

Do you defend the rights of others to make their own mistakes, knowing some innocent could still be harmed?

If not, why not?



  1. Without laws, what constitutes private property? Do we stake a claim like in days of olde by planting a flag? If so, I claim the north American continent. Get off my lawn!

    1. How will you defend those property rights you claim to an entire continent, and how will you reply to the millions upon millions of counterclaims? Things like that are just silly and don't happen in reality- unless you call yourself a government. Because, unless you haven't noticed, that's exactly where we find ourselves: with a bunch of greedy psychopaths claiming their authority to dictate how you and I can use our private property. They have already claimed and divvied up the entire planet. Will you comply with their claim, or dispute it?

      You can still have rules without Rulers. You can (and do) get along just fine without someone else controlling your life's every facet. If you can't figure out what constitutes private property without someone else explaining it to you, how do you expect to figure it out when those "authorities" disagree or are inconsistent? Those Rulers will always make sure to set it up so their claim trumps yours- and charge you a ransom for the property they permit you to keep, until they decide to take it for themselves.

      Without "laws" private property rights will probably become a lot clearer than they are now.

    2. I'd sure like to see you maintain your continent. That is why taxation exists, so governments can maintain such huge swaths of land. Without that, no man will want so much land.