Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Killing cops?

I don't advocate for anyone to go out and kill cops.

I DO advocate for everyone to defend themselves and their property from aggression and theft with whatever amount of force they have to. Including deadly force.

If cops (or copsuckers) see that as calling for cops to be killed, then, obviously, they are admitting that what cops do- or are likely to do- could be seen to qualify as aggression and theft.

That means someone does need to change their ways, but it isn't me.



  1. Kill a cop, whether in self defense or not (but especially not because you disagree with the "law" he is enforcing) and you will be surrounded by 100 cops who will be more than willing to kill you. Think of your family, your children. Until enough people realize that the government is the problem and are willing to do something about it, then it is futile to resist the artificial laws against true justice... unless you wish to commit suicide.

  2. Said it before, will repeat: my relationship with psychopaths hiding under the guise of "state" (or "city" or "county" or "fédérale"), whether here or abroad, is identical with my relationship with snakes. The only jurisdiction the sidewinder has over me is the venom in his gland and fangs. Other than that, snakes pretty much leave me alone. I seldom kill one, since they are natural controllers of varmints.

    They do what they do. I do what I do. Seldom the twain shall meet.

    Now police types are certainly more dangerous, as they tend to aggress for no reason. Plus they are dangerously armed and often unskilled and careless with their weaponry. They would make absolutely terrible combat troops (not that I endorse combat troops -- except perhaps when we finally do achieve a totally free market). I'm sui juris. The only "jurisdiction" police types, legislators, senators, etc., have over me is their loaded weapons (or the weapons carried by their ever-present henchmen).

    I have no "representatives" in human civil government organizations, and don't want representation therein. You might say my President maintains the rotation of the earth on its axis. My Representative sustains photosynthesis.

    Freedom's a good place to be. Killing the white man's "cops" is not germane to my way of life -- a non-sequitur, if you will. Sam

  3. Sorry for the double post. But Mitchell is correct. No sense subjecting myself to certain harm or suicide. It's silly to go up against the white man, who's outfit emulates a yellow-jacket nest. Best leave them alone unless I'm decked out in full protective gear and have adequate firepower to eradicate the nest and all surrounding nests in one fell swoop.