Wednesday, November 05, 2014

More "good cops"- or at least normal ones

Another reason to oppose "laws" forbidding "texting and driving".

Those "laws" are used as a pretext to demand access to your cell phone, and cops have been caught stealing and sharing nude selfies from women's phones.

Sure, you could say you shouldn't take "those kind of pictures", but it's your body and your phone. And besides, where's the fun in that?



  1. One can completely deny the state this intrusion by just not carrying a cell phone. In fact, do we even need Internet? We have opened up ourselves up to so many risks of privacy violations by falling prey to the electronic temptress.

    1. Sure- and one can deny the State control over health care by never going to the doctor... I'm not about to give up the few nice things about modern civilization because of the actions of thugs. That's giving them more power over me than I'm willing to give them, plus there will always be bad guys among us- even if the State is extinct. How much power are you willing to give bad guys?