Thursday, November 13, 2014

Net "Neutrality"?

"Net neutrality" isn't neutral. It is pro-State in the extreme. Pro-tyranny.

It is to internet access what Soylent Green is to food. I guess that makes Soylent Green "Food Neutrality".

Yeah, no thank you. I don't want some bureaucrat or puppetician's ideas of "net neutrality" screwing up the internet and making it less of a threat to their plans.

Keep your filthy State- and its legal excrement- off the internet and all forms of communication.



  1. The problem with any "political" answer is that the winners take all.

    Markets create variety, something for everyone. Just because one person gets what they want doesn't stop anyone else from getting what _they_ want.

    Real "net neutrality" would be to leave the market alone. Even my personal opinion about how to run it (which I happen to think is pretty damned good) is wrong to force on everyone.