Tuesday, December 09, 2014

It's elementary. Once you eliminate the impossible...

(Previously published on my Patreon page*)

Understanding liberty comes somewhat naturally to me because it is who I am. That doesn't mean I don't make mistakes. But I want to be better. I want to always be improving. So I read what others have written concerning liberty, and then once it gets into my brain, I digest it, take it apart, and see what makes it tick. Without even really trying- it's automatic. Then I try to make it part of me, and share it with you when it is ripe. That's where this blog comes from.

I want to be able to dig to the very foundation of liberty in every situation. I want to recognize it from every angle under any condition. I'll pull out a magnifying glass and look at all it's nooks and crannies and warts and worn spots. I want to be the Sherlock Holmes of liberty- without the bad personality parts (some of which I may share with the character anyway).

I think that will make me a better person- or at least minimize any bad. And everything I have learned has shown me that respecting liberty in others is necessary to being a decent human being.

But, I have to put more work into the other aspects of my life. And some of those come much less naturally to me. I know I can be unemotional. I also know I can be overly emotional once triggered by something I deeply care about. I know I can be too quiet in person, and I know I can overshare. I know I can be too cold, and I can be too passionate. Balance is a good thing. Through it all, I know if I keep Rightful Liberty as the goal, I'm heading in the right direction.

* I haven't decided how to do this. I will probably have some that stay "subscriber only", and others I will publish here at a later date. As I have mentioned, all Paypal subscribers will also get the "subscriber only" blogs in an email. I feel a little bad holding some things back, and will not let the "quality" of the blog suffer for Patreon. I really do need to increase my income, though. Feel free to chime in with thoughts about this development.



  1. Great concept; mediocre implementation. People won't pay for ideas, nor should they, even as they may want the creator of the ideas to be paid. In many cases, the objection isn't to paying for the ideas; it's paying for them up front, sight unseen so to speak, that eliminates a lot of the buyers. Not to mention that most folk avoid subscriptions these days. Donating after is okay, but that rests on charity and is too easy not to do.

    There's an obvious solution; I'm sure we'll talk about it.

    1. One thing about Patreon is that a subscriber can cancel before the first of the month and pay nothing- even after having seen the "subscriber only" posts. So, I guess they do get a test drive.

      I don't plan to put all my eggs in any one basket. And, I did consider writing the Patreon posts "secretly", so that non-subscribers wouldn't feel left out. But I decided to give people a chance to subscribe.

      I'm willing to listen to your solution. I am not computer literate, so I hope it's not too complicated. LOL

    2. Oh, and there's nothing to stop anyone from subscribing and then copying the text of my posts and sending them to everyone they know.

    3. Nothing wrong with your replies; all logical. They just have nothing to do with business, that's all. Business is about figuring out the logic that the buyer is using, and then accommodating that. That's first--figuring out what the buyer is buying--and then second is nearly perfect implementation. That's the tough part.

      "It's easy to make a million dollars. Buy a million of something for a buck, and sell them for two."