Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ignoring dumb and dangerous rules

I'm happy that so many Connecticut gun owners are ignoring the new anti-liberty rules. I'm happy that so few New York residents are ratting out their gun owning neighbors to the "authorities" for not complying with that state's new anti-liberty rules. It seems that silly rules are being ignored by growing numbers of people.

I could be bothered that anyone complies at all, but you'll always have a percentage of people who can't bring themselves to disobey what they see as "legitimate orders" coming from "legitimate authority". Poor fools. Watch these people, and don't turn your back toward them unless you are knife proof.

Of course, there may be some people who- due to previous compliance or circumstances- are already in too deep to simply ignore orders. They eyes of the Stasi may already be on them. You'd probably be better off not being too close to these people, either. The State's aim isn't precise, and they really wouldn't mind getting two birds with one shot anyway.

Back to the happy news, it seems that growing numbers of people are finding it easy to ignore new rules.  Or too troublesome to comply. Maybe I'm just seeing it the way I want to, but when more and more people choose to join the Outlaws it makes me happy. Does this mean I want rampant lawlessness? Yes. When those "laws" are counterfeit I like to see everyone ignore them. Real law is discovered; fake "law" is written. Ignore the fake "laws" every chance you get. It will make you a better person.