Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The good intentions of statists

I have no doubt that the average statist has good intentions, means well, and only wants the best.

But they go about it all wrong by ignoring reality.

The reason I have this opinion is because almost everyone I know is a statist. They aren't intentionally evil. They simply haven't thought through the things they support and advocate enough to see where they lead.

In most cases, they probably want the same things I want: the health, safety, and prosperity of themselves and their loved ones. They just haven't acknowledged that the way they go about trying to ensure these things is evil- they cause harm to the health, safety, and prosperity of others who aren't important to them.

The problem is everyone is someone else's "other". Statism becomes a big cannibal feast where no one is going to come out whole.

The nicer, and more rational, choice is to recognize that everyone has an absolute right to do anything that doesn't violate the life, liberty, property, or "pursuit of happiness" of anyone else. It's the only way that doesn't create a victim. It's the better alternative to being a statist.